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SPIRULINA: A Microalga With Maximum Effect!

SPIRULINA: A microalga with maximum effect!

Consumed as early as the Inca era, this freshwater green microalga is packed with nutrients.

With over 50% high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll that is excellent for detoxing, protective antioxidants and a host of minerals, including a generous dose of iron, it belongs to the highly exclusive superfood club. In Africa, it is even grown to combat malnutrition.

Why add it to your diet? To easily make up for a diet that is not always balanced, when you don’t have time to cook or when following a restricted diet. Low-calorie spirulina is a welcome choice when you want to lose weight but stay in good shape. Sports enthusiasts also appreciate its energising and oxygenating effect. It is eaten dried, ideally in powder form, added to a smoothie or a salad, for example. It is also available in pure tablet form, to be taken as a dietary supplement.

When purchasing, check on the pack that the product only contains spirulina and no other algae, artificial colourings, preservatives or additives.

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