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• Never pick or peel NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze off as this may cause damage to the natural nail.

• Chlorine may lift NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze in severe cases. Wait 24 hours after application before swimming and always rinse your hands thoroughly after swimming to remove chlorine.

• Insect repellent (in particular DEET) can also lift NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze after prolonged use; try to avoid having it near your nails.

• Always use cotton lined gloves when using cleaning detergents of any sort. Do not expose the nails to any harsh cleaning products.

• Please do not buff your nails around the cuticle area as this can cause serious damage to the natural nail.

• Never forcefully remove the NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze coating – this can damage the natural nail plate. Please book an appointment for healthy removal*. This should be followed by a manicure to restore flexibility and moisture to the natural nail.

• Always use an acetone-free polish remover as acetone may melt NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze.

• Using a recommended oil on your nails and cuticles once a day will prolong the life of your enhancements and reduce the risk of breakage by keeping your natural nail flexible. Please ask your nail therapist for advice.
• Sun tan cream may also lift NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze – wash hands thoroughly after applying or avoid applying sun tan cream to your nails if possible.

Take off Charge
*All our nail treatment prices do not include soak off/removal service.

Please note timing of your treatment is approximate and cannot be guaranteed (time allowance for treatments varies between clients depending on your nail condition, the length of your natural nails etc).Your appointment time does not include the time required for your colour selection and any soak off/removal service on your nails (such as nail varnish colour removal or NexGen, acrylic, gel or Glass Glaze soak off/removal).

We always strive to achieve high standards in all of our treatments. However, for your peace of mind, nail repairs will be rectified free of charge if a problem occurs within 3 – 5 days of your treatment. You should inform Anne Roberts Hair & Beauty immediately should lifting/chipping problems occur.

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