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Anne Roberts Hair & Beauty has been at the same location since 1989 providing a quality,
professional, friendly service and that is something we are very proud of.

There are some photographs below the timeline

Salon History


Birch Road

Birch Road lay on the western edge of the smaller of Oxton’s two commons, in the southeast corner of the township.

The land on which 80 Birch Road stands had been leased from the Earl of Shrewsbury by Thomas Hughes, publican of the “Queens Arms” hotel and had built by then numbers 80-84, although 82 and 84 were one dwelling. These two adjacent cottages housed an inn (number 82 and 84) and a shop (80), whose cellars were at one time used by the inn.


Shop Extension

By the late 1850’s, the shop had been extended forwards to the road and as well as the two adjacent cottages, next door numbers 78 and 76, other buildings to accommodate a number of people, had been added in a complex behind.

The occupant of number 80 in the 1850’s was the Manchester born grocer Thomas Hall, who was related to the Hughes by marriage.


New Owner

The shop was taken over in the 1860’s by Thomas Hall’s wife’s widowed sister, Sarah Smith, who as well as her two teenage daughters also housed three lodgers.


New Owner

A ship’s carpenter, John Griffiths, along with his Oxton-born wife Margaret, their five children and his two sisters, one of whom acted as a nursemaid, now leased the shop.


New Owner

the arrival of John Barnes, a general labourer from Birkenhead and his Bidston-born wife Mary who was the shopkeeper. They had three general servants and a laundress living with them.


New Owner

By 1883 George Bird, a grocer born in Hoylake, had taken over these premises, where until 1900 he remained with his wife Elizabeth, their four sons, two of whom were twins, and two daughters. His eldest became a merchant’s clerk while one of the twins, even at the age of 15, is listed as being a car owner, which explains why his father is later recorded as a car proprietor as well as a provision dealer.


New Owner

Between 1902-1910, there was a rapid succession of shopkeepers, namely William Tomlinson, Peter Hughes and Roberts Jeffs, the last two of whom were greengrocers and fruiterers.


New Owner

Greengrocer Frederick Edward Wales ran the shop during this period. His wife Emily was the caretaker of the national School across the road.


New Owner

In the 1940’s, it was taken over by James William King, whose widow Gertrude continued the business throughout the 50’s and 60’s. It was she who made cups of tea for the bus drivers once they had turned their buses around at the terminus, and it is to her that the park bench in Storeton Road near the entrance to The Arno is dedicated.

G. King

1989-Present Day

New Owner

Anne Roberts

Before and after photographs from 1989 and today.

The top of the nail area stairs in 1989 and today. Yes, that is Ms Roberts with a curly perm!

Reception leading into the rest of the building in 1989 and today.

The Garden Room at the end of the ground floor.

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