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The perfect treatment for those clients with

  • very fine brows
  • sparse brows
  • thick unruly brows
  • coarse brows

*A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to brow lamination treatment.

Brow Lamination works to redirect and set your brow hairs to your desired shape so that you get the most fullness out of your natural growth. Depending on your brow concerns, the process which is similar to when you perm hair, can give dramatic results in a non-invasive way. Unruly, coarse brows can be straightened and smoothed, thinning brows can be lifted to appear thicker and gaps can be hidden. The results mean a new brow shape can be completely manipulated.

Firstly a brow adhesive is used to secure the brow hairs in an upward direction. This is followed by a softening lotion to relax the hair cuticle and the brow hairs are shaped to your desired style. A fixing lotion then follows to structure the hairs and set them into the new position. Lastly, a nurturing serum is combed through the brows, to help hydrate and condition the brow hairs. The aftercare is also simple; keep brows dry for the first 24 hours. Avoid steam baths, saunas and any further treatments. After this time, groom your brows with a tamer brush. The treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks depending on your hair cycle and will leave you waking up with brows already primed and ready for day and with one less thing to worry about in the morning.


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