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We will work as hard for your body as it works for you; we have fabulous massage treatments waiting…

lady lying with hot sones on her back

Unique massage movements, 100% pure plant oils and a personalised element ensure an unrivalled therapeutic experience. Circulation and lymph flow are boosted and muscular tension is eased.

Choose from:

Full Body Massage 
Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles, revive the senses and promote a general state of well being – pure luxury

Foot & Leg Massage
A deeply relaxing and blissful treatment that reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, moisturises & energises.

Back Massage
Including neck and shoulder.
A deeply therapeutic massage focusing on the aches and pains of the back, and eliminating tension knots in the shoulders.

Hot Stone Therapy
The most relaxing of treatments using Hot Basalt Stones & Aromatherapy Oils to warm, soothe and ease tension from even the most stressed.

He- Shi Spray Tan
He-Shi is an award winning, professional tanning range, which tans upon contact with the skin. The result is no streaking or patches and an even wear off.
He-Shi allows you to achieve a natural looking, flawless tan within minutes. Tanning with He-Shi is completely safe and eliminates the harmful risks associated with overexposure to the sun. He-Shi is gentle on the skin and contains 100% natural DHA (active tanning ingredient). It is also free from alcohol, parabens and suitable for all skin types.

Clarins Sun Glow
The ultimate self tanning treatment for face and body with skin-smoothing exfoliation, a deeply pampering application of an award-winning self tanner and an all over gorgeous, long-lasting, golden colour that looks as natural in winter as in summer.

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