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Classic, Oxton and Volume Lashes

The duration of your individual eyelash extensions, or express, fast, weekend or strip lashes very much depends upon how you treat them. It is important to follow these guidelines to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.

After your lash extensions application, it is normal to experience some loss of lashes during the first 24 hours as adhesive is still setting; please take extra care during this period and do not worry as approximately 75 -100 lashes are applied to each eye. The lashes will also shed with your own, naturally, as time goes on. Top ups will be necessary after 2 to 3 weeks.

Avoid getting your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours – after that it is safe to shower and wash your face with water.

Do not use saunas or steam during the first 48 hours.

You can rinse your lashes with water and pat them dry gently with a towel, however do not rub your lashes while washing them and avoid using cotton wool.

Eyelash Curlers should not be used as they may damage the bond and break eyelashes.
Do not pick, pull or rub your eyelashes and gently groom your new lashes with an eyelash brush or comb

You need to take extra care when using make-up remover and eye make-up as they may contain oil that damages the bonding agent. Wipe gently around the eye rather than rubbing over the lash area.

Chlorine and excessive swimming under water can seriously shorten the life of the lash extensions.

Avoid using ordinary mascara as this will shorten the life of your lash extensions (except for the recommended Lash Care Mascara which is specially formulated for lash extensions).

Lash extensions should not be permed or tinted; if you require an eyelash tint you need to do this 24 to 48 hours before the application of fake lashes (tint test required 24 hours in advance.

If you experience any itching or irritation, contact us as soon as you can.

Please do not attempt to remove any lashes; you should have them professionally removed in the salon.


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