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My background was in hotel management, which took me all round the world, working in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the USA. Working both with customers and behind the scenes, I was able to learn the intricacies of what it took to effectively run these complex operations. Early on, I identified a few basic skills that I now realize are essential for any successful business.
However, my passion was always beauty & skincare and I re-trained as a beauty therapist in the late 80’s. Wanting to work for myself I aimed to provide consistent, quality service with great treatments and exceptional customer service.
I started Anne Roberts Hair & Beauty in 1989. Who knew I would still be here all these years on! I could not have done it without the tremendous support of my team, some of whom have been with me for almost 30 years and, of course, our many, many truly loyal clients
I am a coffee addict, dog lover and still nuts about all thing’s beauty!

My all time Clarins favourite product is Lotus Face Treatment Oil. It’s naturally astringent for my combination skin, combining plant extracts and essential oils to help balance my skin & leaves it feeling satin soft.
Skinful Pure Marine Collagen Powder.
Whilst I’m mad about skincare, I know the importance of maintaining a clean and balanced diet for good health and good skin, but by adding a spoonful of Skinful into my daily diet I certainly notice a difference.  I have been using the product for over 2 months and my skin feels clearer and my complexion much more even. Skinful is tasteless and mixes easily into your favourite drink or smoothie.

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