Are you a Clarins lipstick junkie?

Make-Up / 25.09.20150 comments

We are always so excited when new Clarins make-up arrives at the salon; we tear the boxes open like excited children on Christmas morning!

I am the biggest lipstick junkie and since the new Jolie Rouge arrived I have been parading round with ‘Hot Pink’ on all day and have had lots of compliments,

This lipstick glides on so effortlessly, with a beautiful super pigmented shine. It doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all, in fact it feels almost like a balm & you could easily forget you are wearing this. With moisturising lipsticks, you don’t expect them to stay on for very long, as they slide right off, but this one does not do that. One of my favourite things about the lipstick is the overall look of it. The packaging is amazing, and the shape of the lipstick is not only fabulous, but makes application easy too

The new Jolie Rouge lipstick range is available in several shades of red, pink and satin. You will therefore easily find a shade in harmony with the colour of your hair and your eyes. Bright, intense reds will show off pale skin. Browner or more orange shades will highlight golden and darker skin.

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